Growing up in the harbour city of Rotterdam, I developed an ‘international’ taste for life at an early age. The mixture of different cultures, races & their visible footprint gave me my first inspiration for loving all facets of rhythm, rhyme & music. From my teens I played in a number of bands, mostly performing with friends from school to create a new musical experience to inspire the world.
After graduating from high school, I was admitted to the Rotterdam School of Arts, where my musical skills & experience would be further developed. Adding a classical education to my self-learned abilities, I rapidly developed a never ending taste for jazz.
“As a composer, writer, piano artist and sound innovator, JooZz still manages to captivate his world-wide audience with his creative compositions. The music of JooZz is best described as ‘coming from nowhere, going places’. Starting from scratch, JooZz takes you along to many exciting musical destinations, transferring breathtaking vistas into jewels of brilliant sound. Sometimes danceable, always rich, spiked with healthy doses of melancholy and lessons of life. Using the piano as a base point of reference, JooZz’s compositions, independent of any music style, keep your mind in motion until the next time you hit the play button.”
“A truly unique style, combining his dynamic left-handed bass playing with surprising chords and melodies. You might think you’re hearing two musicians, but this is one man playing his heart out. Eloquent, sensitive and funky too. Go hear JooZz!”